GraphLab Create Installation FAQ


What is the best way to install GraphLab Create?

If you are new to Python and Python package management, we recommend you use the GraphLab Create Launcher. If you are comfortable with Python, already have a Python environment on your system or use Linux, you can install GraphLab Create with command line, similar to other Python packages.

Can I install GraphLab Create offline?

No. The GraphLab Create Launcher and GraphLab Create requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.

GraphLab Create Launcher

What is the GraphLab Create Launcher?

The GraphLab Create Launcher is a desktop application that makes it easy to get an Anaconda Python environment and GraphLab Create on your machine. After the installation is complete, it provides an icon to start a terminal or IPython Notebook (jupyter) session where you can use GraphLab Create.

What does GraphLab Create Launcher install on my system?

The GraphLab Create Launcher will download and install Anaconda with Python 2.7. Once complete, GraphLab Create will be installed into this environment. The GraphLab Create Launcher application then provides a GUI entry point to this environment.

How do I uninstall the GraphLab Create Launcher?

  • Windows: Use Windows Uninstall to remove "Turi-Launcher". This will preserve your Anaconda Python environment. To remove the Anaconda environment, use Windows Uninstall to remove "Python 2.7.10(Anaconda 2.3.0 64-bit)"
  • Mac OS X: Drag the Turi-Launcher icon from the Applications folder to Trash. This will preserve your Anaconda python environment. To remove Anaconda and all GraphLab Create files, delete the the ~/.graphlab directory.

Frequent Issues

Unable to connect to Turi validation server.

The GraphLab Create Launcher requires an Internet connection with the ability to communicate over SSL (port 443). The GraphLab Create Launcher will use the network to securely validate license, and download software packages from AWS and Check to ensure your network is not limited by a proxy, group policy, or a local firewall.

GraphLab Create Launcher detected that you may have an existing Anaconda Python installation. Should I proceed?

For versions earlier than 1.2.1, the GraphLab Create Launcher will install a new Anaconda environment on your machine. As a result, this will overwrite the path and registry entries of the existing Anaconda environment. Which means shortcuts will no longer function as they did before making the prior environment unusable.

  • If you don't want to use the existing Anaconda environment, you can either uninstall it and then retry the GraphLab Create Launcher or just 'proceed' with the GraphLab Create Launcher installation.
  • If you would rather install GraphLab Create into your existing Anaconda environment, see how to install GraphLab Create with command line.

Shell_NotifyIconGetRect in SHELL32.dll

This error occurs when trying to install GraphLab Create Launcher on an unsupported version of Windows. See GraphLab Create system requirements.