Install GraphLab Create v2.1 | Upgrade

Graphlab Create requires an academic license to use. Non-academic users may consider using the open source Turi Create package.

Install with GraphLab Create Launcher (recommended)

  • Install fast with GraphLab Create Launcher
  • Simplify the installation of Anaconda
  • Recommended if you are not familiar with pip

Install with pip

  • Install GraphLab Create with the command line
  • Setup in your existing Python environment
  • Recommended if you are familiar with pip
Need help? See the FAQ for answers to common installation questions.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7+ or Windows Server 2012 R2
  • 64-bit architecture
  • at least 4 GB of RAM
  • at least 2 GB of free disk space

If your system does not meet these requirements, you can use GraphLab Create on the AWS Free Tier.

Getting Started

Newcomer? Get started with the User Guide.

Already building with graphLab Create? Checkout our How-Tos to get code snippets that make you more productive.

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