Upgrade GraphLab Create

The latest version of GraphLab Create™ is 2.1. See the release notes for a description of changes and additions.

Upgrade GraphLab Create

GraphLab Create Launcher

Open GraphLab Create Launcher, then select 'Terminal'. In the terminal shell, following the command line instructions below.

Command Line

You can upgrade your licensed copy of GraphLab Create to the latest version by executing one of the below pip shell commands in terminal. If GraphLab Create was manually installed in a conda or virtualenv, activate it first. You can use pip list to list Python packages in current environment and determine installed version of GraphLab Create.

# upgrade to latest version on pypi.python.org
pip install --upgrade graphlab-create


# upgrade by defining latest version
pip install graphlab-create==2.1

Reset or change your product key

Upgrading your licensed copy of GraphLab Create requires no additional action to configure your product key. If needed, you can reset or change your product key using the following GraphLab Create API.

# set product key using GraphLab Create API
import graphlab
graphlab.product_key.set_product_key('enter your product key')

Next, restart Python, IPython or IPython Notebook session and verify update.

# output active product key