Online Machine Learning Specialization Courses

Turi has partnered with the University of Washington to create a six-part online Coursera Machine Learning Specialization course that teaches the fundamentals of machine learning and building predictive applications in Python. This guide helps you set up your machine to use GraphLab Create for the course.

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Turi supports you in your journey to become a machine learning practitioner. We offer a FREE renewable, annual subscription to Graphlab Create for non-commercial, academic use. When you register, you will be given a personal product key and installation instructions.

Get started by downloading the GraphLab Create Launcher; it is the fastest and easiest way to get GraphLab Create and Python on your machine. From the GraphLab Create Launcher you can launch terminal or IPython Notebook and use GraphLab Create. For those who have machines that do not meet the minimum requirements for installation, see how to use GraphLab Create on AWS free tier.

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