Q: Why can't GraphLab Create read from my HDFS installation?

A: This usually happens because GraphLab Create failed to find a suitable java installation. Your server log (the location of this log is printed when GraphLab Create starts) will let you know if this is the issue.

If using GraphLab Create >= 1.3, you can simply make sure JAVA_HOME is set to your preferred java installation. If you prefer to use a different java just for GraphLab Create, you can set GRAPHLAB_JAVA_HOME, and it will be checked before JAVA_HOME. If you prefer to use a JVM other than the standard one that comes with java, you'll have to specify the directory that holds libjvm.so with the environment variable GRAPHLAB_LIBJVM_DIRECTORY.

If using GraphLab Create < 1.3, you can quickly solve this by upgrading :). If you don't want to upgrade, then you must set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the directory that holds libjvm.so.

If nothing above fixes your issue, the problem may be that the version of Java is unsupported. Our HDFS support requires Java 6+.