Data Engineering

GraphLab Create offers several data structures for data analysis.

Concise descriptions of the data structures and their methods are contained in the API documentation, along with a small number of simple examples.

For more detailed descriptions and examples, please see the: - User Guide, - API Translator, - How-Tos - Gallery.

Data Structures

SArray An immutable, homogeneously typed array object backed by persistent storage.
SFrame A tabular, column-mutable dataframe object that can scale to big data.
SGraph A scalable graph data structure.
TimeSeries The TimeSeries object is the fundamental data structure for multivariate time series data.

Data Types

Image A class whose objects contains image data, meta-data, and supports useful utility methods.
Vertex A vertex object, consisting of a vertex ID and a dictionary of vertex attributes.
Edge A directed edge between two Vertex objects.

Aggregation & Summarization

Sketch The Sketch object contains a sketch of a single SArray (a column of an SFrame).
aggregate Builtin aggregators for SFrame groupby operator.