Turi Open Source

SFrame™, the fast, scalable engine of GraphLab Create™ is now open source.

The SFrame project provides the complete implementation of the following:

  • SFrame
  • SArray
  • SGraph
  • The C++ SDK surface area (gl_sframe, gl_sarray, gl_sgraph)
  • Support for strictly typed columns (int, float, str, datetime), weakly typed columns (schema free lists, dictionaries) as well as specialized types such as Image.
  • Uniform support for missing data.
  • Query optimization and Lazy evaluation.
  • A Python API (SArray, SFrame, SGraph) with an indirect access via an interprocess layer.

SFrame is available under a BSD license. See our License Policy or the SFrame GitHub repo for details.


On October 15, 2014, at Strata + HadoopWorld, we announced the general availability of our flagship product, GraphLab Create™ 1.0,

We saw an opportunity to propel the field of data science forward and to make machine learning more powerful for data scientists and more accessible to software engineers. The team learned from the academic, open source PowerGraph project and built our flagship product, GraphLab Create™. We took power and speed to the next level with innovations like SFrames and SGraph plus made the entire development workflow more usable with a simple Python API, advanced machine learning toolkits and the ability to deploy predictive services directly to the Cloud. With GraphLab Create™, I really believe we can Unleash Data Science™ from inspiration to production.”

- Carlos Guestrin, CEO, Turi